Sun is shining, it’s summer again in September/October (?!), what better than to go to to the pub with everyone at lunchtime? Oh happy day! Sun, beer garden, cool icy drinks… blissful!

At the moment, I am currently really strapped for cash. And it is times like these when you realise how expensive food is. A sandwich from Pret/M&S/Eat and all these other places is surprisingly costly considering it’s a bit of filling and bread. Lunch is easily in the region of £5 and multiply that by 5 days a week and you get a broke blogger. *grump*

Anyway, come a sunny Friday afternoon and everyone is heading to the pub for lunch. With £26 to my name for 2 weeks, it appals me that one of the cheapest main meals is £8/9. I can’t get a scrappy little starter as main so I go for the £9 steak sandwich.  When it arrives though, I am glad – I would be gutted if it arrived and was really puny.

In terms of taste… hm.  I’ve had better.  I cannot seem to help but go for steak when I see it, and I must learn then when it comes in sandwich form, it will pretty much always be chewy.  This was no exception, it was a workout for the jaw indeed. Not enough filling for the thickness of the bread but was good to see some onions and mushrooms instead along with the meat.  The chips was good, and seems like it’s been ages since I had chips.  So they tasted *really* good today.  Lol.  Soooo, yes.  Hm. Steak sarnie.  There ya go.