Oh man, I can’t resist these tasty things.  Firstly, it’s the smell of them being cooked that wafts about the Westfield Centre and it’s that type of smell that you cannot help but salivate from.  Secondly, they are soooo good.  Before, my favourite pretzels were from Ditsch but now, I’ll never look back.  Now, it’s all about Mr. Pretzels

They chop up little samples for you to try and the little morsels are warm, covered in cinnamon sugar and sooo tasty!  There has been an occasion or two when it has been overcooked and too crisp (IMHO). On other (and most) occasions though, they have handed over a freshly baked, soooooft and delicious pretzel.  It’s not just cinnamon sugar you can get (but it’s the best I think), they also have nutella, vanilla sugar, and possibly even some savoury ones too. Try one! It’s a must!