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Tesco Finest – West Country Yoghurt

I got these thinking they would be really luxurious and yummy… it tastes like I’m eating pure clotted cream…. don’t get me wrong – I love clotted cream. But this is like I’m literally eating it out of the pot. I feel like I should spread it on a scone – it even has the […]

Egg custard tart…oversized!!

Have you ever seen an egg custard SO big!?!?!?  Oh my word, my favourite cafe in London Bridge not only has incredible food, but also amazing baked treats. This monster of an egg tart caught my eye and I had to buy it! It was a bit too sweet – tasted a little like an […]

Real Food Market, Southbank

Oh I do enjoy London. Especially during the Summer, and especially when there are fantastic food markets such as Southbank’s Real Food Market. My sister had come to visit one weekend and we went to watch Le Cirque Invisible at Queen Elizabeth Hall. In true Chan style, we were cutting it fine to make it on […]