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Celebration Cookie, Millie’s Cookies

Me and my friend from work had a little pact whereby when we made our first ‘placements’ as recently promoted Consultants, then we would treat ourselves to a giant cookie from Millies.  Having seen then in the window of their store of London Bridge many times, this offered an incentive to do well and reap […]

Mr Pretzels

Oh man, I can’t resist these tasty things.  Firstly, it’s the smell of them being cooked that wafts about the Westfield Centre and it’s that type of smell that you cannot help but salivate from.  Secondly, they are soooo good.  Before, my favourite pretzels were from Ditsch but now, I’ll never look back.  Now, it’s […]

Pierre Hermé – macarons

Oh Pierre. You really are exquisite at what you do. I never thought that I was a fan of macarons until I ate yours. Now I want to try every flavour you invent. Pictured from left to right – salted caramel, rose, pistachio and passionfruit/milk chocolate Available from Selfridges on Oxford Street.  Pierre Hermé

Got to love ‘Ciao’! :)

Ciao, which is by Leicester Square, is an Italian cafe that specialises in gelato and snacks/drinks such as teas/coffee and filled, toasted croissants etc. The main reason that I love returning is definitely the ice cream. Every time I take a friend in, I’m always amazed at the extravagance that is presented before us. Fruit-filled […]

Candy Cafe, Leicester Square London

Tonight, I could see my friend had a lot on her mind. In times like this, the only saviour is a jolly good rant…and dessert. Lurking in the smallest of doorways, just off the beaten track in London’s China Town is a small staircase into a dessert house called Candy Cafe. Their speciality are desserts […]