Me and my friend from work had a little pact whereby when we made our first ‘placements’ as recently promoted Consultants, then we would treat ourselves to a giant cookie from Millies.  Having seen then in the window of their store of London Bridge many times, this offered an incentive to do well and reap the benefit of diving cookie-first into choc chip heaven if we succeeded.

I was mega mega pleased when I finally placed someone.  It has been a long time coming and it felt like lots of hard work had finally paid off. So I was super delighted when my colleague waltzed in, brandishing a huge bag sporting the Millie’s Cookies logo.  As soon as I lifted the lid to the box inside, the tempting scent of sweet cookie came up and we sliced it up, just like a cake and dished it out to everyone.

It was such a wonderful treat, and such an impressive sight that I’m going to start getting these in place of birthday cakes.  I absolutely loved it!  The cookie was soft, chewy, sweet and tasty – all the things a cookie should be.  Customisable and available in different flavours and icings, they can be tailored to suit.  Each store should have a leaflet on the varieties available, which include a ‘cake’ version with two layers and filling.

They also do a box set called ‘A Dozen Roses’ which looks amazing, and as a hint hint hint – I want this for Feb 14th please!  ; )

(btw, ‘Da iawn Domo’ means “Well done Domo” – Domo being my nickname)