I got these thinking they would be really luxurious and yummy… it tastes like I’m eating pure clotted cream. I LOVE clotted cream – but this is like I’m literally eating it out of the pot. I feel like I should spread it on a scone – it even has the thick texture!

It was on offer… so I have not one, but five!

Myself and a colleague have a little pact whereby when we made our first ‘placements’ as recently promoted Consultants, then we would treat ourselves to a giant cookie from Millies.  Having seen then in the window of their store of London Bridge many times, this offered an incentive to do well and reap the benefit of diving cookie-first into choc chip heaven if we succeeded.

I was mega mega pleased when I finally placed someone (we work in recruitment. ‘Placing someone’ means they’re hired).  It has been a long time coming and it felt like lots of hard work had finally paid off. So I was super delighted when my colleague waltzed in, brandishing a huge bag sporting the Millie’s Cookies logo.  As soon as I lifted the lid to the box inside, the tempting scent of sweet cookie came up and we sliced it up, just like a cake and dished it out to everyone.

It was such a wonderful treat, and such an impressive sight! The cookie was soft, chewy, sweet and tasty – all the things a cookie should be.  Customisable and available in different flavours and icings, they can be tailored to suit.  Each store should have a leaflet on the varieties available, which include a ‘cake’ version with two layers and filling.  http://www.milliescookies.com/gifts-celebration-cookie.aspx

They also do a box set called ‘A Dozen Roses’ which looks amazing, and as a hint hint hint – I want this for Feb 14th please!  ; )

(btw, ‘Da iawn Domo’ means “Well done Domo” – Domo being my nickname)

Sigh, I can’t resist these tasty things.  Firstly, it’s the smell of them being cooked that wafts about the Westfield Centre and it’s that type of smell that you cannot help but salivate from.  Secondly, they are soooo good.  Before, my favourite pretzels were from Ditsch but now, it’s all about Mr. Pretzels.

They chop up little samples for you to try and the little morsels are warm, covered in cinnamon sugar and sooo tasty!  And so soft?! Isn’t cinnamon+sugar the yummiest, most comforting and delicous thing?

There has been an occasion or two when it has been overcooked and too crisp (IMHO). On other (and most) occasions though, they have handed over a freshly baked, delicious pretzel.  It’s not just cinnamon sugar you can get (but it’s the best I think), they also have nutella, vanilla sugar, and possibly even some savoury ones too. Try one!

Is there any way that these might not be bad for my skin…? I feel as though I am feeding my spots, making them inflate further. If you’re wondering what they are, see the title…

*eating with dread but unable to stop* >_<

I’m back at home at the moment, so there’s loads of snacks around…. ack!


Sun is shining, it’s summer again in September/October (?!), what better than to go to to the pub with everyone at lunchtime? Oh happy day! Sun, beer garden, cool icy drinks… At the moment, I am currently really strapped for cash. And it is times like these when you realise how expensive food is. A sandwich from Pret/M&S/Eat and all these other places is surprisingly costly considering it’s a bit of filling and bread. Lunch is easily in the region of £5 and multiply that by 5 days a week and you get a broke blogger. *grump* Anyway, come a sunny Friday afternoon and everyone is heading to the pub for lunch. With £26 to my name for 2 weeks, it appals me that one of the cheapest main meals is £8/9. I can’t get a scrappy little starter as main so I go for the £9 steak sandwich.  When it arrives though, I am glad – I would be gutted if it arrived and was really puny. I cannot seem to help but go for steak when I see it, but sadly this particular one was a workout for the jaw. Not enough filling for the thickness of the bread, and not sure how much the onions and mushrooms added.  The chips were good, and seems like it’s been ages since I had chips.  So they tasted *really* good today.  Lol.  Soooo, yes.  Hm. Steak sarnie.  There ya go. 20111007-090015.jpg

Next time you’re wondering around in Camden, here’s somewhere to try.  Coming out of the station, you head to the right and towards the market.  As you go over the bridge, on the right-hand side and just by the bikes, is a Chinese food stall with a gent full of character who will let you try out some ‘Bang Bang Chicken’.

The fast food are noodles, rice, black bean chicken, stir fry, veg and of course, Bang Bang Chicken – succulent pieces of seasoned chicken in a fine crumb/batter.

The chicken is tender, the batter is fine and crisp and they’re really darn tasty.. delish!

Chocolate covered edamame? What??

I passed these one evening while paying for my sushi (they know how to get you, right at the till!) I LOVE edamame. Normally though, the only edamame I am familiar with are the ones that come steamed, and with a sprinkling of chilli salt. So I was very intrigued to see these. And I like them! I wasn’t sure what to expect but after merrily chomping a few, they’re a little but like chocolate covered peanuts. Crunchy, slightly salty and overall very pleasant. Yum! =)


Oh Pierre. You really are exquisite at what you do. You made me a bigger fan of macaron and to appreciate the craft of flavours. I want to try every flavour you invent.

Pictured from left to right – salted caramel, rose, pistachio and passionfruit/milk chocolate (my fave)


Available from Selfridges on Oxford Street.  Pierre Hermé

Have you ever seen an egg custard SO big!?!?!?  Oh my word, my favourite cafe in London Bridge not only has incredible food, but also amazing baked treats. This monster of an egg tart caught my eye and I had to buy it! It was a bit too sweet – tasted a little like an egg custard tart and a creme brûlée had a gigantic baby. And as it was so big, it got a little bit much. But wow – look at it! It’s as big as my hand!! *___*


So, after we finished up at Le Cirque Invisible at Queen Elizabeth Hall, me and my sissypants were delighted to find that the Real Food Market was still very much alive and kicking.  There were so many yummy treats on offer – large pans with sizzling calamari, in preparation for paella. Risotto balls, falafel wraps, macarons, mini roasted potatoes and many other delights.

One of my weaknesses is grilled sweetcorn.  As is street food.  So when we were caught by the smell of cooking sweetcorn, we gravitated towards a stall called Squid and Pear.  My sis is a fan of oysters, so I wanted to get her some but they had sold out. I wanted to get a piece of corn, and after some deliberating and checking out the menu, we decided to go all out and get a meal (decision which, was helped along by some people infront of us buying one and it looking stunning).

We went for the Hand Dived Kind Scallops and were seated at a little table with a scallop shell that had sea salt and ground pepper in it (nice touch!) while we waited for it to be prepared. When it arrived, we were greeted with the sight of salad, potato/chive salad, tomatoes, a lemon, the essential piece of corn, and two big king scallops on top.  Seriously, I haven’t seen scallops this size before so our eyes were wide as saucers.

Scrunching some salt on top, squishing a good splash of lemon on and lasting all of a few seconds before we started tucking in, we were so pleased that it was delish.  This is one of those meals was utterly memorable. The portion was great, the tomatoes were seasoned beautifully, the potatoes were fab, the salad and the dressing was yum.

Now, it wasn’t perfect. Firstly, the scallops, were not cooked through. I don’t mind raw fish and will happily chomp through sashimi and all kinds of raw fish, so this didn’t bother me. Nonetheless, I would have liked for the scallops to be just shy of being cooked through, rather than being half cooked/half raw. They were sooo juicy though, that I didn’t mind so much. The other thing, was that the grilled corn had been sat on the grill for far too long while waiting to be purchased – when I came to eat it, it was dry in many places that was was chewing on dry, ‘plasticy’ kernels. I haven’t experienced this before, and whilst merrily eating this amazing meal, it was surprising.

Howeveeer…. this was yum. SO yum. Even as I write this, I can recall the flavours all over again. I initially baulked at paying £10 for a portion of scallops, but it was so so worth it. Amazing. I can’t stop looking at the picture and wanting another portion. =) While we were eating, a couple came to purchase Moules Marinières but they had none ready to serve. So instead, the lady there made a batch from scratch and used the remainder of their stock to make a huge portion for the lucky couple. It looked devine – if they had another portion, I would have definitely bought one. Next time!!

Take a look at Squid & Pear‘s site and try to catch them. SO worth it!